Come in… please excuse the mess.


This is my new corner of the digital world. I’m not completely sure what I will build here; undoubtedly it will resemble a collection of random sheds in a garden, rather than Justo Gallego’s cathedral. Nonetheless, this post represents the first, tentatively-laid stone. Despite having a number of websites over the past umpteen years – a necessary evil of freelance self-promotion – I’ve never embraced public blogging.

Throughout my previous career in the media and creative industries, I never left behind my academic grounding. Now, as I embark on a new career in psychology, having a space to explore ideas, interests and writing in a new context, serves as a way of remaining connected to and building on my previous profession.

So, do come in. Make yourself at home. The place is a bit of mess just now, but make yourself comfortable. Hopefully, this will be a nice place to visit from time to time.

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By gavinmcampbell

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